Dec 7, 2008

How I came to be a piano player

Okay, so I'm not really a piano player. At least not a professional one. But I do enjoy playing, and I try to be good at it.

As a kid, after taking music theory lessons for two years, I wanted to play the piano. But since we didn't have a piano at home, and no room or money to get one, I settled for flute instead. Actually, I became pretty good at flute playing, I even made the Dutch Student Orchestra twice. I only realised at age 37 that, if I wanted, I could finally buy my own piano. So I did, and started taking lessons. After three years of lessons and three years of hardly any playing, I started taking lessons again a year ago. Apparently my current teacher fits my style of learning much better, because I'm making much faster progress, and I'm much more fanatic about studying than I used to be.

I've found that thinking about music, and about studying, resembles an exercise in philosophy. My goal with this blog is to share my thoughts about playing and listening to music. I hope that sharing my experiences will inspire others, and benefit anybody who is enjoying the journey of making music.

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Román said...


I dislike you say I do not able in english, excuse-me. Like you I love the music and so I love the piano to. I studied it since I was 13-14 years old, and I'm forced to abandon this marvelous world for the laboral reasons. At 30 I selled my actual instrument and, like you, occasionaly play it but not daily: Czerny, Cramer and Heller.